Thursday, August 4, 2016

Exploring the Possibilities of Open Education Resources

     One of the other fascinating sessions I attended at the Emints National Conference was about curation and Open Source Resources.  Prior to the session, I was aware of several Open Source resources such as Wikimedia Commons and But the session's presenter shared several options that were new to me including the list below:

     Merlot- from California State University
           -will allow you to search for content which is device specific (iPad, iPhone, Andriod tablet, etc.)
     Orange Grove-Florida's Open Education Resources Repository
      -sortable by K-12, Collegiate resources and institutional collections.
     CK-12-features premade online Flex-Textbooks

     This session also discussed options for curating including LiveBinders and a curation option that was new to me called Lesson Paths.  Since the session, I have done some work with Lesson Paths and was glad to learn that it meshes well with Google Classroom which most of the teachers I work with use as a course management system.

     This session got me thinking about my role in curation as a media specialist.  In the past, I have developed pathfinders of print and online resources to support the instructional units my teachers presenting, but this session opened up several new possibilities for curation:
  •  Open Education Resources could be used to develop online, customizable textbook
  •  Open Education Resource offerings mentioned in this session could improve pathfinders by incorporating more resources including videos, lesson plans, and other materials.  
  • Open Source Resources could also provided needed support for blended learning initiatives
In effect, OER opens up a whole new world of options for better teaching and learning!

I created a Symbaloo featuring these resources. Click here to access it.

Just think of the possibilities!

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